‘Rise & Fall of Venice’

La Sirena

‘An Image Being Detached From Meaning’

Digital Collage by Doug Campbell
Mad Love Poem

‘The Knife of the Sky’

The knife of the sky tortures the wise

Broken day burning the birdless sky

The clouds form the ghosts of sleepers

Whose eyes distil the world’s reflection

And your face is a pyramid of kisses that I

Use for writing words and butterflies

Who can sing in cages just as the laughter settles

On lovers’ lips whose smiles are framed

The tears of last year’s summer now rests

In yellow roses where candles melt flat

The game ensues tearing open the Snow 

Queen’s broken heart inside the gas lantern

The sirens whisper the name of the Sunflower King

Who dreams of men on the land

The sound of moon against sun shattered the summer

‘The Knife of the Sky’ (Poem and collage, Taya King and Darren Thomas)

‘Sunflower Queen’

Hand cut collage by Taya King

Curious Corpses

Exquisite Corpses produced during the group excursion to London (22-23/12/21)

Exhibition Game

Curious and Curiouser

Members of La Sirena (Left to Right: Taya King, Darren Thomas and Doug Campbell) met up in London yesterday to attend the ‘Curious and Curiouser’ exhibition on Carroll’s ‘Alice’ books at the Victoria and Albert museum. We went for a meal afterward, and glasses were raised to our comrade Daina Kopp, who sadly couldn’t make it this time. Proper scans of the Exquisite Corpses we made together to follow.

Enquiry Game

‘Golden Mask, Mourning Veil’

Hand torn collage by Doug Campbell
Game Mad Love

‘Masked Dreamer’

Hand cut collage by Taya King and Darren Thomas
Enquiry Game

Games with Surrealerpool

We devoted a recent meeting to a simultaneous collage workshop, having prepared ourself with images relating to the theme of the forthcoming issue of the Surrealerpool group’s magazine ’Patastrophe: “WHO AM I? Masks behind masks. Dolls within dolls. WHOM DO I HAUNT?” The results are shown above.

Prior to this, Daina and Doug had attended a games session with members of Surrealerpool. This was a most convivial and productive evening, with the proceedings and results recorded for possible future publication.

Any, all or none of this material may appear in ’Patastrophe #4, scheduled for 7 January 2022 (Russian Christmas), but the marvellous may be depended on! In the meantime, we recommend their many other publications, all beautifully designed and produced, and available from

Enquiry Talks and Presentations

‘Poetry Made by All: Collective Surrealist Activity and Surrealist Practice as Research’ Pre-recorded Roundtable by La Sirena

Supplementary material for the ISSS SURREALISMS 2021 roundtable, ‘Poetry Made by All: Collective Surrealist Activity and Surrealist Practice as Research’:

‘A Voyage to Sirenusa’ Article by La Sirena 

An Enquiry Into the Poetry Made by All

International Surrealist Exhibition Surrealism-Cairo-Saint-Cirq-Lapopie-110811534737775/

‘La Femme Automatique’ Collective Film by La Sirena 

‘La Femme (Re)trouvée’ Collective Film by La Sirena

La Sirena Surrealist Group Blog

‘Now, Voyager: The Convulsive Crossings of La Sirena Surrealist Group’ Article by Darren Thomas crossings-of-la-sirena-surrealist-group/

Responses to ‘An Enquiry Into the Poetry Made by All’ made-by-all/