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Images of La Sirena

Our dear friend, John Richardson, kindly shared with us these three wonderful collages of sirens.

Hand cut collage ‘Marine Forms I’ by John Richardson
Hand cut collage ‘Marine Forms II’ by John Richardson
Hand cut collage ‘Marine Forms III’ by John Richardson
Enquiry La Sirena

Images of La Sirena

Our good friend, Tracy Thursfield, kindly shared with us her wonderful painting of a siren, based on the Star card from the Tarot.

‘Starcard’ (Tracy Thursfield, 2022)
Enquiry La Sirena Poem

Images of La Sirena

Many thanks to our good friend, Dominic Tetrault, who recently came across these wonderful sirens, drawn by Robert Desnos – and has kindly shared them with us, at La Sirena.

‘Sirena (mermaid) teaching singing to a bird’ (Robert Desnos)
‘Sirena (mermaid) teaching singing to a bird’ (Robert Desnos)

Source for both images: Jacques Doucet literary library –

The siren is an important figure in Desnos’s work and life. Here is one of several poems featuring sirens.

His partner and second great love, the artist, Youki (Lucie Badoud) was also associated with the siren, which she had tattooed on her thigh.

Poem – ‘Mermaid’ (1930), taken from ‘The Voice of Robert Desnos: Selected Poems’, Translated by William Kulik, The Sheep Meadow Press (Riverdale-on-Hudson, New York, 2004).
Youki Desnos showing her mermaid tattoo (Robert Doisneau, Paris c.1950)
Game Poem

Surrealists in Wales

Taya and I recently met up with several of the surrealists of Wales, including Steve Handsaker, John Richardson, Tracy Thursfield and John Welson, in the beautiful mountainous setting of Clyro, on my birthday. John Richardson kindly hosted the meeting at his house.

JW, TT, TK, DT, JR & SH.

We created a collective collage and some collective poems featuring in the sixth issue of Surrealerpool’s magazine, ’Patastrophe! (7 November 2022). Although, Jean Bonnin was not able to attend, he was certainly there in spirit and provided materials and ideas, which we incorporated into the collective work.

‘How I Sometimes Feel’ (Jean Bonnin, Steve Handsaker, Taya King, John Richardson, Darren Thomas, Tracy Thursfield & John Welson) 25th & 26th July, 2022 (29.5 x 42cm).

I Am Still Here

Fridge Eyes and bakerlite eyebrows
Underwater music filters through the night
There where we murdered the mirrors
Vulnerable lips choking on mirrors
Invoking the mystery of days to come
Announcing the moon balloon of memory
The lost child embraced chance encounters
Coins tossed, dice shaken, and light bulbs smashed
Light filtered in the shrine of a stolen memory singing
I am a man, I am a woman, I am a fighter – I am still here

Over A Number

Over a number
Blue stolen shadows creep
Light refracts on the breaking of dawn
The asparagus train pulls into the station
We play games with their faces nightly
The dragon dresses in the latest fashion
And ice falls from the eyes of the woman in black
As the dice swallow the odd numbers only
The egg is buried in the graveyard, never to be seen again
As golden tears fall on the luminous ground

Jean Bonnin
Taya King
John Richardson
Darren Thomas

26 July 2022

I also received a number of birthday gifts. Here are two that Tracy Thursfield and John Welson created:

Enquiry La Sirena

Images of La Sirena

Our dear friend, Christine Haller, recently tracked down this rather marvellous siren by Myrlade Constant, in Venice, at the Biennale.

‘Sirenes’ (detail) (Myrlande Constant, 2020)
‘Sirenes’ (Myrlande Constant, 2020)
Enquiry La Sirena

Images of La Sirena

Our very good friend, Irene Plazewska, kindly shared this wonderful image with us.

‘Mermaid’s Washing’ (Irene Plazewska)
Enquiry La Sirena

Images of La Sirena

Our dear friend, John Welson, has discovered another siren: ‘Wired and waiting. I called out to her, but her gaze was fixed upon the ocean, the rolling waves and turning tide…’

‘The Wired Mermaid of Llandudoch’ (John Welson)
‘The Wired Mermaid of Llandudoch’ (John Welson)
Film Game Masks of the City

Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse, created by: Janice Hathaway, Taya King, Irene Plazewska and Darren Thomas (London, 2022).

This exquisite corpse was created in a café, in London, during the making of the filmMasks of the City’.

Enquiry La Sirena

Images of La Sirena

Our dear friend and comrade, John Welson, shared this poem and image, along with the following message:

“I have found another mermaid/merman/merperson drawing from 1978 this time. The title on the rear is in fact a short poem and reads:

Tide turned
cut loose
waters wept
blade admonished
fin glimpsed
Tide turned

beneath the waves

As always, we urge siren spotters everywhere to continue sharing their research findings with us at

La Sirena

The Race

Hand cut collage by Darren Thomas