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‘An Enquiry on Desire and the City’ by La Sirena

Game and collages by La Sirena featuring in the seventh issue of Surrealerpool’s magazine, ’Patastrophe! (1 May 2023).

‘Proposals for Surrealist Urban Planning’

The ‘Proposals for Surrealist Urban Planning’ game by Doug Campbell involves each player (minimum of two) taking a picture of a local landmark that they think has surrealist potential, and the others situating it in a more fitting environment.

Rules of the game:

Each player selects a building or landmark from their own local environment. This should be a building or structure that seems to them to have surrealist possibilities, perhaps seeming to be haunted or suggesting a role more dramatic than originally intended. For example, this could be a place that the player notices every time they pass, one that provokes irrational feelings, or that they find themselves dreaming about.

Each player then passes a photo or found image of it onto another member of the group.

Each player then takes the image that they have received from another member and situates the structure in a new landscape or context that they feel brings out its true surrealist nature. The structure can be resized or given a new function in any way that seems appropriate. This is most easily done by photo collage, but any available method may be used.

Catherine Sinclair Monument, Edinburgh, Scotland, photograph by Doug Campbell
‘Your Dearest Wish Will Come True’, hand-cut collage with mixed media by Taya King
‘Never Never Land’, Southend-on-Sea, England, photograph by Taya King
‘Quite a Harvest’, hand-cut collage with digital enhancement by Daina Kopp         
‘The Helping Hand’, Chicago, Illinois, photograph by Daina Kopp
‘As Above, So Below’, hand-cut collage by Darren Thomas
Prittlewell Square, Southend-on-Sea, England, photograph by Darren Thomas
‘Castle at the Gates of Time’, photomontage by Doug Campbell

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Hi Taya, I can never get through the WordPress maze. Are you still accepting submissions for this game?

Irene x


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