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The Lost Plot

Surrealerpool, the Liverpool Surrealist group, organised a public happening ‘The Lost Plot’ on Friday 9th February 2023. This was a vibrant and thoroughly ‘pataphysical manifestation of the Surrealerpool group. We hope there will be many more.

Doug Campbell attended as a representative of La Sirena, and is entirely responsible for the ‘in the moment’ quality of the photos below. We hope they give a flavour of the event.

The programme


Collective performance of the Surrealerpool manifesto

Further inspirational readings

The audience is rapt!

Climactic ritual sacrifice of the Lost Plot piñata


The website of the Surrealerpool group, is linked below. Their numerous publications are uniformly excellent and warmly recommended.

3 replies on “The Lost Plot”

Thank you for sharing this. It looks like loads of fun. My kind of event! I wish I could have been there. Lovely Fotos and I love the props!


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Congratulations to the ‘Patastrophe Comrades on their event and to Doug for his photos which have surely captured another moment demonstrating that we surrealists are still here, active and continuing in our steadfast refusal to accept the world as it is!!

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