Film Masks of the City

‘Masks of the City’ Collective Film by La Sirena

4 replies on “‘Masks of the City’ Collective Film by La Sirena”

I have just spent 15 thoroughly enjoyable minutes! As has been previously said, ‘behind the mask, another mask’, well, indeed it is so! From Doug’s purposeful pacing around Edinburgh, Taya and Darren’s rather more stationary take, the goings-on in Paris and Chicago (and here I wonder about the three – to me, sinister – figures in the background walking toward our chess players. Who sent them? What is their purpose?) this was absorbing and thought provoking. An international collaboration of great film, music and collages. Diolch yn fawr!

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Thank you so much for your positive, thoughtful comments, John! It is always a pleasure and a privilege to receive your responses and your continued encouragement and support. It is something we never take for granted.


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