Enquiry Game

Games with Surrealerpool

We devoted a recent meeting to a simultaneous collage workshop, having prepared ourself with images relating to the theme of the forthcoming issue of the Surrealerpool group’s magazine ’Patastrophe: “WHO AM I? Masks behind masks. Dolls within dolls. WHOM DO I HAUNT?” The results are shown above.

Prior to this, Daina and Doug had attended a games session with members of Surrealerpool. This was a most convivial and productive evening, with the proceedings and results recorded for possible future publication.

Any, all or none of this material may appear in ’Patastrophe #4, scheduled for 7 January 2022 (Russian Christmas), but the marvellous may be depended on! In the meantime, we recommend their many other publications, all beautifully designed and produced, and available from

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