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‘How Lewis Carroll’s Heroine Inspired Female Characters in Cinema, Gaming and Literature’

Daina Kopp gives presentations on Gender, Sexuality and Reproduction (both Human and Animal), Male Contraception, Cross Cultural Analysis of Gender, and Sexuality in SciFi and Fiction. This free Zoom presentation on “How Lewis Carroll’s Heroine Inspired Female* Characters in Cinema, Gaming and Literature” will be hosted by the Lewis Carroll Society UK.

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Alice rules!  

How Lewis Carroll’s Heroine Inspired Female  Characters in Cinema, Gaming and Literature 

A talk by Daina Almario-Kopp 

The character of Alice was ground-breaking not only because, in both Wonderland and Looking-Glass,  Lewis Carroll broke with the tradition of morality tales in children’s literature, but also because his heroine  was not a passive little girl but a powerful independent-minded female protagonist. This presentation will  focus on other female protagonists who followed in the footsteps of Alice; they went off on their own  adventures, didn’t need to be rescued, and succeeded in their quests by using their own ingenuity, by using their ingenuity, determination and perseverance. Literary examples include but are not limited to: Momo  (Michael Ende), Matilda (Roald Dahl), Coraline (Neil Gaiman) and Pippi Longstockings (Astrid Lindgren). Films include: Lara Croft (the film and video game of the same name), Dorothy (Wizard of  Oz), Ridley (Aliens), Asoka (Star Wars; The Clone Wars), and Hermione (Harry Potter). 

Daina Almario-Kopp is a scientist, polyglot, public speaker, and translator who speaks six languages.  Daina has degrees in Gender Studies and Psychology from University of Illinois Chicago and in  Theatre Costuming and Biology from Columbia College Chicago. She was Visiting Researcher (studying the behaviour of naked mole-rats) in the Biology department at Queen Mary University of London but most of her research is in human gender dynamics and reproductive behaviour. She is a long-time member of both the Lewis Carroll Society and the Lewis Carroll Society of North America.

7pm (GMT) 29 October 2021 (online)

This presentation will be recorded and the link to the recording will be posted here when it is available.

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