Enquiry Game

‘Scrap Collage Challenge’

I have recently begun to create collages using only scraps of material that I have saved from previous artworks, which would have otherwise been discarded. This challenge forces me to work with constraints and be more creative with the way that I use my materials. I have found this to be a much more automatic process than my usual collages because I have less materials to work with, which means that I can work faster than I normally would. What I also like about this challenge is that I am able to recycle imperfect materials and transform them into something new, which maximises the opportunity for chance encounters within the collage itself. Moreover, the act of recycling scraps and using found materials produces less waste, which means that this form of collage is arguably more eco-friendly than others.

Further examples of this form of collage can be seen in my contributions to ‘La Femme Automatique’. This follows on from other experiments with the use of ‘constraints’, as seen in both the ‘Collage Postcard Game’ played by myself and Darren Thomas and his collage, ‘Songs of the Siren (No 11)’.

If you would like to attempt the challenge for yourself and have your collage featured on our blog, then please send your artwork to

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