An Enquiry Into the Poetry Made by All

‘Poetry must be made by all’ – Isidore Ducasse, Comte de Lautréamont

Collective creativity has been and remains a constant throughout the history of surrealism. We propose an enquiry into the ‘poetry made by all’. 

This enquiry is directed at the international surrealist community in the first instance, and particularly at groups, but replies are welcome from all. We are aware of groups who have participated in communal creation as part of their daily social lives, sometimes over lifetimes, and of individuals who have interacted only intermittently and at a distance. We are also interested in relevant experiences in areas of creative endeavour that may involve group activity by their nature, surrealist or not: drama, music and film.

We propose the following questions:

  • What is the special power of collective creativity?
  • What are the dangers of engaging in collective creativity?
  • Does collective creativity require collective improvisation?
  • What are the effects of space (location) and time (duration) on collective creativity?

Responses to the La Sirena editorial address below by 15th October 2021, please. Participants are encouraged to also include examples of their collective activity (exquisite corpses, games, collective poems etc) or/and photographs of collective activity/group shots. All participants’ submissions will be collated and featured on the blog (unless advised otherwise).

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