La Femme (Re)trouvée Poem

‘Who is the Found Woman?’ Collective Poem by La Sirena

Who is the found woman?

She is the sunset without limits 

She is smiling in my dreams

She is the water goddess

She is dancing on a dime

She is at the back of midnight

She is in my shadow, always

She is the queen of black cats

She is the queen of wrong numbers

She is teaching the children of the revolution

She told me she existed, but I don’t believe her

She gave birth to her own dreams

She wants to take me to the top of the Empire state to read me her poems

She does not care for Paris

She whispers in white ash and red seashells

She is entirely capable of anything

She is a tramp, but that’s ok

She is not afraid to be an androgyne

She smells like red wine once a month

She’s a haunted house and all her windows are broken

She can only breathe underwater

She counts the hours in kisses

She whispers to the sea

She lives, breathes and sighs in the spaces between yes, no and always

She didn’t do that, but she might

She isn’t a mistress, but her reflection is

She makes the fishes sing in echoes

She is all the hope that we secretly need but do not dare to speak

She is a type of elemental fire, a smokeless, smouldering flame

She is a tightrope that I cling to when I go to sleep

She is an experiment in femininity

She eats fire that dances on the ceiling

She bleeds when her purity is misunderstood or maligned

She is the dancer that I aspire to be

She cannot tempt the tempters but she can heal the healers

Her eyes are on my dream mask

She is the dolphin who played the clown for the cloud-king

She is the mask that I can never remove

Assemblage by Daina Kopp

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