La Femme (Re)trouvée Poem

‘Found Woman’ Collective Poem by La Sirena

Found woman

In the breath of dreams 

In my glass heart

Always there

In spring

She is my fluid rose

Growing from the seabed

Beneath my dreams

In spring

I can see you Sirena… 

I can smell you on my tongue

She exists within my blinks

But never in my dreams

The lilac smile 

Her path beyond the fist of thorns

Leading me 

Beyond myself

To the chandeliers

Hanging like the gleam of childhood

From my shadow

I can taste you…

Between each rapid eye movement

And then in deeper sleep

She took the arm of a passer-by

The movement caught the beast’s eye

The door to the banqueting hall

Burst violently open

Returned to the shadowy world

Divided the sea and sky

Sending great waves

Instead of beauty

The box contained sleep

Serpents seem so precious to the gods

Hanging like the gleam of childhood

From my shadow

Part flesh

Part mirror

Her body sparkles with midnight seashells

I dreamt she spoke to statues    

An arm of the sea stretched inland

And they became friends

The egg of the sea felt numb

She dances in collaged whispers

She swallows the sun

She kidnaps the last rays of hope

And emerges in kisses

Large as a pigeon’s egg

In the underwater world

The pearl shone like the moon

Cracking her whip above their heads

Climbing through the open window in her heart 

And near the back of her reflection 

She steals the night

Only to reclaim the box of delights she buried there in a dream

I found a ladder and thought it would it help me find her but…

She made her way back up the gloomy passage

She was already caught in the echo of her gleaming

Somewhere near the bridge of lost daydreams

Assemblage by Daina Kopp

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